When will my order ship?
Your order will ship 2-4 business days after you place your order. (This can increase during busy holiday seasons but we will put an update on our website). We are a small company and everything is made to order.

Can I pick up my order?
Please contact us if you would like to pickup your order. Our kitchen is located near Main & Hastings in Vancouver, BC.

How long will it take to receive my order
We ship out orders using Canada Post, Fedex or UPS. Our processing times can be up to 4 business days to ship your fudge. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is shipped. Please be aware that at times carriers experience delays and we have no control over this. Please contact the carrier if you have received a tracking number and your order is delayed.

How long will my fudge stay fresh?
Stored properly, your fudge should stay fresh for about 3-4 weeks from date of purchase. 

How should I store it?
Our fudge is creamier then other fudges. Most people like to eat fudge cold and so do we! We recommend putting our fudge into the fridge.

Can I freeze my fudge?
Yes! Fudge can be frozen for up to a year without losing flavor. Take the fudge out of the box and put the fudge in a Ziploc bag, seal and freeze. When thawing, leave your fudge in the bag and do not open until completely thawed. Leave in the freezer for around 3 month.s

How is the fudge packaged?
All of our fudge is cut by hand, wrapped in bio-degradable plastic and put into a box.

Wholesale availability
We would love to be in your store! Please fill out our wholesale application.